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Broad Earth Maps 

Here is a small collection of old and modern biblical cosmology maps and drawings, including one for "Ancient Israel."  I personally like the ones showing "the four corners of the earth" (Isaiah 11:12; Daniel 8:8; Revelation 7:1), "the vault (or horizon) of the earth" (Isaiah 40:22) and "the waters" (Job 26:10), together with the "pillars of the earth" (1 Samuel 2:8; Job 26:11; 38:6; Psalm 75:3), and the "foundations of heaven" (2 Samuel 22:8; Job 26:11) also being depicted.  Perhaps the continents should be displayed differently as a square within a circle upon pedestals?  It is important that we learn to listen to the specific "words" of our Creator about His creation.  He told us repeatedly over and over again all about it, through many different inspired authors over thousands of years.  Please note that I am still learning, and I don't have all the answers about how it works, but I believe HIS "words" over what CONTRADICTS HIM in modern science.  He is a righteous Creator and Heavenly Father!  He wouldn't plainly tell us what it IS like, and expect us to believe the OPPOSITE of His WORDS.  God is totally perfect in LOVE, and He doesn't LIE to us!  Jesus, God's Son, even said that HE IS "the way and the truth and the life" (John 14:6).


I posted some map drawings of the continents to show what the modern militaries use to navigate the earth that we inhabit.  It appears there's a lot of secrecy about the earth, but, if their navigations work for them on a square or rectangular-shaped earth MAP, in order to find specific locations for their operations, then maybe we should consider that it is not a "sphere" after all...just like the Bible says.  Or maybe at the very least they could come out and OPENLY acknowledge that they use a square coordinate system to do their jobs on our "broad" earth (Job 38:18).  This is an earth with "foundations" and a "cornerstone."  Squares don't change into circular shapes just to be superimposed upon a sphere or squnched into a flat circle, OR the continents either, without losing or distorting their shapes.  I am sure that there are some things that are miracles that CANNOT be explained by "science" in our world that God created.  Consider the bumblebee with its mass and comparable size of wings.  Aerodynamically, it shouldn't be ABLE TO FLY, but it DOES!  Be sure to check "Poster Talk" below the "Gallery" in the menu bar, where you will also find many helpful posters and diagrams for education purposes and just plain fun!

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