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Flat Bridges Tell

Modern bridges -- the longest spanning over one hundred miles across land

and water -- are proving that the "curvature" of the earth "formula" we learned in school is NOT "truth."  These are photographs of the earth's   longest bridges which "Testify2Truth" about the BROAD nature of the earth that God made (Job 38:18).  Do your own research, if you don't see it here.  To check out the "curvature formula" for yourself, go to the "Poster Talk" page under "Gallery," and find the

Calculate the math with the distances from the start of the bridges to the end, by looking up the miles from the bridges on this page.  (Click on the images below.)  Find the miles on the chart, and see how much "drop" there would be of railway carrying its precious cargo and passengers.  For the longest bridge listed below (102.4 MI), there would be well over 1.3 MI (6,670 FT) of a drop from one end of the bridge to the other!  There is just no way the bridges could remain "flat" even with partial gradual inclines to allow for passage of boats, and other obstructions, etc., if the earth's "surface" was "curved" as modern science claims.  Have fun! 

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