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This video footage reminded me of the "Bedford Level Experiment" from the past, which debunked the "curvature" claim during its time, when people were trying to teach the "ball" theory.  It was a series of observations done by Samuel Birley Rowbotham in the United Kingdom during the 19th and early 20th centuries.  He conducted his first observations in 1838 along a six mile portion of the Old Bedford River on the Bedford Level of the Cambridgeshire Fens in the United Kingdom (information from "Wikipedia").  Here you will see a photo of the river in modern times and copies of three of his diagrams.  You will also notice a diagram and chart, which show the "curvature" of the earth "formula" (8 inches per mile squared) for the modern science model of the earth's shape.  It displays the "drop" factor on the chart for objects being visible beyond the naked eye -- what should be possible and what shouldn't -- if we were living on a "curved" earth according to the "formula."  There is also a collection of posters that talk about the biblical cosmology through images, etc.  Enjoy, and please copy and "Testify2Truth" by sharing!!!

You ReignJ L Taylor
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