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Tehillah Togs

This is where I will be offering songs, instrumentals, Scripture, honor of the Lord.  The word "tehillah" (teh-hil-law') in Hebrew means "praise" or "song of praise" (SH8416).  Scripture commands us to put on garments (AKA=Togs) of righteousness, salvation and praise (Isaiah 61:3,10), or to come into His Presence with praise (Psalms).  As followers of Jesus, it is our daily adorning with the King of glory (Psalm 24)!
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October 9, 2020 Glory All Day LongJ L Taylor
00:00 / 49:12
June 5, 2021 Isaiah 54_10J L Taylor
00:00 / 19:24
July 2, 2021 To You AloneJ L Taylor
00:00 / 33:55
July 2, 2021 River Of LifeJ L Taylor
00:00 / 33:23
April 9, 2022 In MajestyJ L Taylor
00:00 / 28:09
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