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Tehillah Togs

Here is a bit of my LIVE worship in honor of the Lord over the years.  (Current LIVE and STUDIO music can be found via the YouTube link below.)  The word "tehillah" (teh-hil-law') in Hebrew means "praise" or "song of praise" (SH8416).  Scripture commands us to put on garments (AKA=Togs) of righteousness, salvation and praise (Isaiah 59:17a; 61:3,10; Ephesians 6), or to come into His Presence with praise (Psalms).  As followers of Jesus, it is our daily adorning with the King of glory (Psalm 24)!

June 5, 2021 Isaiah 54_10J L Taylor
00:00 / 19:24
July 2, 2021 To You AloneJ L Taylor
00:00 / 33:55
July 2, 2021 River Of LifeJ L Taylor
00:00 / 33:23
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