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Jesus Words Give Life

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

When we learn the words of our Creator and use them in our own speech, we are RECEIVING HIS LIFE--being in AGREEMENT with WHAT HE SAYS.

The Apostle John told us about this in a conversation that Jesus and His disciples had one day. John 6:66-69 (NKJV):

From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more. 67 Then Jesus said to the twelve, “Do you also want to go away?”

68 But Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. 69 Also we have come to believe and know that You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

Peter had spent some time living with and following Jesus every day. Up until the moment of this conversation, it is clear that Simon Peter had HEARD Jesus TALK and SEEN Him WALK. He had NO desire to leave or go anywhere else, because He had received “the words of eternal life” (vs. 68) from BEING WITH Jesus. Peter LOVED Jesus’ words because they gave LIFE to him. He also came to know that He was “the Christ, the Son of the living God” (vs. 69) from His experience of hearing and living with Jesus. Now let’s get back to where we left off in the last blog in John chapter eight.

John 8:51-59 (NKJV):

Most assuredly, I say to you, if anyone keeps My word he shall never see death.”

52 Then the Jews said to Him, “Now we know that You have a demon! Abraham is dead, and the prophets; and You say, ‘If anyone keeps My word he shall never taste death.’ 53 Are You greater than our father Abraham, who is dead? And the prophets are dead. Who do You make Yourself out to be?”

54 Jesus answered, “If I honor Myself, My honor is nothing. It is My Father who honors Me, of whom you say that He is your God. 55 Yet you have not known Him, but I know Him. And if I say, ‘I do not know Him,’ I shall be a liar like you; but I do know Him and keep His word. 56 Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad.”

57 Then the Jews said to Him, “You are not yet fifty years old, and have You seen Abraham?”

58 Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.”

59 Then they took up stones to throw at Him; but Jesus hid Himself and went out of the temple, going through the midst of them, and so passed by.

Jesus, the Son of God, tells us plainly in verse 51 that if we keep His “word,” we will “never see death.” Remember that Peter said they knew that Jesus was “the Son of the living God” after acknowledging that His words were “of eternal life.” There was something so gracious and loving and life-giving about Jesus and the words of His mouth, that it was a clear representation of the One who sent Him...Without a doubt, these men had heard the most PURE SPEECH of anyone they had ever known. His words identified Him with His Father in heaven.

When we listen to the words of our Creator and receive them with an open and willing heart, it transforms us from the inside out. We start to live differently, and it identifies us with the One whose speech we have loved. Have you ever seen an old couple who can answer each other’s questions before they speak? They have been so familiar with one another for a lifetime, that they even pick up on one another’s mannerisms, etc., sometimes even starting to look like each other!

Psalm 45:1-2 (NKJV) was speaking about Jesus in this way:

My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. 2 You are fairer than the sons of men; Grace is poured upon Your lips; Therefore God has blessed You forever.

Proverbs 22:11 (NKJV) says, “He who loves purity of heart And has grace on his lips, The king will be his friend.” This is my desire after learning the gracious words of Jesus over a He has been my friend. He has been the most faithful friend that I have ever had...even when others walked out. Jesus never leaves, and once you have received His words into your heart and have lived by them, they are a part of you. Now that I have been learning the “words” about His creation and myself, I have had greater joy than ever before. Psalm 45 goes on to say this in verse seven: “You love righteousness and hate wickedness; Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You With the oil of gladness more than Your companions.” Jesus had more JOY than anyone, because He LOVED RIGHTEOUSNESS and HATED was obvious from His SPEECH (Psalm 45:2). Have you ever known anybody like that? It is so refreshing to be in their presence...the sweetness of Jesus as in 2 Corinthians 2:14-17!

My desire for anyone following my “Creation Clues Blog” or visiting my website is that they will hear “the words of eternal life” from Jesus and His heavenly Father. As you navigate my site and live through life, I pray that you will ask the Holy Spirit to teach you all things and remind you only of what Jesus has said in “truth” (John 14:26). May you continue to abide in His life-giving words, opening your ears to hear His words about His world, and be kept by the power of His love in Jesus’ name!

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Unknown member
Apr 20, 2021

I LOVE Proverbs 22:11...King Jesus!


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